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The Poker Debate: Live Vs Online

By March 20, 2023April 4th, 2023No Comments

Poker has always been a fascinating game that has bound people’s attention for a very long time. Like any other sport, you require skills and luck to play and win in this game. One needs to know the tricks to bet, the guts to risk, and the skills to win a poker game. But whether a live poker game in a Toronto poker club is more exciting or an online game is a matter of debate. Each of them has its own advantages. Here are some insights to help you decide which setup is the best. 

Pace Of The Game

The first thing a poker player notices about online and live poker games is the game’s pace. In the case of online games, the speed is much higher than the live ones because of AI. From moving chips to shuffling the deck of cards, a live poker game takes much more time. This is because while playing the online version of the game, timebanks are maintained that provide the players with a specific time gap to perform their actions. On the other hand, human hands are comparatively slower. But the real players often prefer live poker games because of the raw feeling in them. 

Physical Tells

Physical tells in a poker game is a behaviour one can see in a live poker game. It gives away players, and this is a huge added advantage. Opponents can understand or misunderstand a player’s take and hence lose or win the game. 

The unique skill of reading people’s actions helps a player take their next step. However, online poker players will miss this trait as they cannot see their opponents face to face. When large pots are at stake, physical tell plays a crucial role. The pro players of live poker games in any of Toronto’s poker clubs acknowledge the strength of their hands and figure out the next step of their opponents. 


With the increasing popularity of online poker, people are participating in this type of setup. You get the benefit of multi-tabling here. It means you can simultaneously play various poker games on multiple tables with several opponents. Winning more games offers you more gains which you cannot do in a live game. This is a plus point of playing online poker which you do not get while playing live. 


The excitement remains higher when you are playing live. You feel a different level of accomplishment by using your tricks and wits to win a game. A recent survey by the World Poker Tour stated that the business behind live poker games would jump from $70.1 billion to $112.09 billion soon, compounding an annual growth of 12% quickly. In addition, live poker games give players the social aspect to interact with other poker players, make friends with similar interests and trade stories and strategies. 


Rakes are a certain percentage of winnings a poker game winner has to offer the host. Since the host facilitates the winner and other poker players with a space and environment, they have to return a piece of the amount they win in the game. The case prevails for both scenarios, online and live. Live game players have often seen the dealers taking out chips from the pot and keeping them aside as charges in a casino cardroom.

In online games, the rake percentage is predetermined to a maximum amount. But as per recent studies conducted by The BC Lottery Corporation, it was found that people regret less when they offer rake in live poker games. 

The game of poker is quite alluring, providing an adrenal rush each time you win. Whether you are playing live or online, the love for this game will surely fill you with excitement. If you plan to find a safe yet fun-filled environment to play poker, Toronto Poker Syndicate is the best poker club in Toronto. Discover the latest offers by contacting us today.